A guide to an electric car charging point

With the uptake of electric cars accelerating amongst the population of the UK at a faster rate than ever, the need for each driver to be close to an electric car charging point becomes greater. As we advance towards a future of sustainable cars, we will look at the most common places to find an EV charger, who installs them and what level of maintenance they require.

Where to find an electric car charging point?

Supermarkets and retail parks are often the most recognised EV charging point locations. Some retailers in partnership with prestigious car manufacturers offer free charging at their points while you shop to encourage more people to opt for a greener way to get around.

Businesses are also beginning to provide electric car charging points for their fleet of vehicles and employees, proving they are responsible stewards of future sustainability and the environment.

Residential properties can also join the electric car charging point revolution with the government incentivising electric car users with grant schemes for electric vehicle infrastructure. Wherever you use a charging point, the installation will need to be undertaken by a qualified electrician.

Installation and maintenance

Whether at home or the office, an electric car charging point will always require a fully qualified and certified electrician to undertake the installation. After installation, it’s sensible to arrange a service with the installer. Like most electrical equipment, an EV charger will require an annual service to ensure it’s in excellent working order. Contact W J Fenn Electrical Services today to step into the future with your EV charging point.

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