Electrical testing for your home

Over time electrical components will begin to degenerate. So tests must be conducted every few years at homes in Bromyard, Hereford, Leominster, Ross on Wye and Ledbury to ensure they are safe. There are two types of periodic electrical inspection: a visual inspection and an electrical inspection condition report (EICR). Both types of review should be carried out by a fully qualified electrician.

Visual inspection

A visual inspection is self-explanatory. It will involve a visual assessment of all electrical points including sockets, main fuse board and light fittings. It’s a comprehensive visual check, and during the inspection, the electrician will make notes of any defects or faults. These notes will then form the basis of a Visual Inspection Report which will be given to the property owner at the end. The report will provide a list of recommendations where further work is required.


An EICR is a much more complete inspection than a visual one. It will test the electrical circuits and provide the electrician with insight that they wouldn’t gain from a mere visual inspection. The electrician will need access to all rooms in the property and will need to turn off the electric supply at certain times. They typically take around three to four hours and when finished, will be compiled in a report. These reports will contain a classification for your electrical installations. These are Code C1, C2 and C3 with C1 denoting that the installation is dangerous.

It’s common for house-hunters in Bromyard, Hereford, Leominster, Ross on Wye and Ledbury to request a copy of an EICR. Therefore, if you’re installation, is either C1 or C2 rated, it is advisable to have the fault repaired to help sell any property.

If you live in Bromyard, Hereford, Leominster, Ross on Wye or Ledbury, and would like to arrange an electrical inspection for your property contact our professional team.

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